Contribute to the SHRUG

The SHRUG is more than just a dataset. By putting together a consistent set of location identifiers from 1990 to the present, SHRUG makes it easier to link new data sources to each other and to all the data that is already in the SHRUG. Do you have air pollution data spanning all of India? You can link it to hundreds of other socioeconomic fields via the SHRUG.

Even better, if you post your data with SHRUG identifiers, everyone else using the SHRUG will be able to use your data on air pollution to benefit their research.

We know that putting data together is hard and we want to make sure you get cited for your work. There are two ways to make this happen.

First, if you post your data with SHRUG identifiers (which currently identify towns, villages, or legislative assemblies), we can link to your data from this site. This makes it easy for other people to find and use your data, and cite you for your work.

Second, if your data has national coverage or has high general interest, we can include it in a future release of the SHRUG. When people download data from the SHRUG, we automatically generate a list of citations, which will include your paper whenever people download your data. Integrating your data with the SHRUG in this way will help maximize the impact of your work.

Contribution Standards

What form should my data take?

Your data should be in tabular format linked to the SHRUG identifier: the `shrid`. You can link your data from the various census identifiers included in the SHRUG keys. If you have spatial data or other data that does not link easily to shrids, please contact us and we will work with you to develop a plan on how to incorporate it.

What are the requirements?

We have a short list of stipulations to ensure contiguity across the SHRUG:

  • All variable names should be lowercase with underscores, no camelCase please
  • Include variable labels if you submit your data in .dta format
  • One shrid per observation in village- or town-level data
  • One unique key for data that is not shrid-level
  • Comprehensive national coverage or clear documentation of where/why coverage is lacking
  • A data dictionary explaining source, construction, and interpretation for each variable

How do I submit my data?

To apply to integrate your data into the core SHRUG, please reach out to us at


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